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MSG+ Excellence

Yay for good production and editorial work.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rookie Camp



Is that as awkward looking to you as it is to me?

Owuya made a slick pass to Aliu, who popped the water bottle off the net with his shot.

I got to speak with Craig Ramsay, the new head coach of the Thrashers. He told me that he didn't expect many of the participants of this rookie camp to make it to the full team's training camp (which opens this weekend) and that most of them needed a little more seasoning. He did say he was impressed with Fredrik Pettersson and expected him to move on to the main camp on Saturday. When asked if he had any specific goals for the team this season, he said, "I haven't made any of those types of goals yet [with respect to making the playoffs]. All I can say is that we will be able to compete with everyone; compete at a very high level".

Burmistrov and Cormier battle for position (well away from the net, I might add).

Zubarev races to the puck

...and blocks a hard shot; it appeared to hit a soft spot in the pads as he skated gingerly to the bench shortly after.

Aliu tried his sneaky power move to the outside and got summarily dismissed.

Come on, Angelo... open your EYESSSSSSSSSS.

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