Friday, July 23, 2010

They ain't jokin' when they call it the Dugout Level

B-Mac, pensive.

Martin, swingin'.

Jay-Hey, swingin'.

Jay-Hey, runnin'.

Telekinesis- ur doin it rite.

Hanson pitched surprisingly well.

Ahh! There's a bug!

Brian McCann's home run shot.

Fisheye from the lower level.

Prado didn't actually tag the runner, but the 2nd base umpire gave it to him anyway.

McCann's appeal to the umpire was unsuccessful, San Diego tied it up.

Get Lowe :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Ted

Prince Fielder, later at the center of trouble.

Matt Diaz's HR

Fielder's HR

Jay-Hey, pinch hitting.

Venters raised a little hell by plunking Fielder after throwing over his head, and hence got tossed from the game.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prospect Camp

Just for all you photo buffs out there, today was a great day for me. I got to shoot at the Duluth Ice Forum (notably the Thrashers practice rink), which means great pictures. How, Stefan, when it's a badly lit hockey rink? Because the ceiling is covered with a foil-like wrap, I can bounce my external speedlight off it and get almost better pictures than I can at Philips Arena.

Ed Pasquale looking good, looking at the puck.

Burmistrov, with Virginia creeping in the background :)

Burmistrov shooting.

Mike Forney scoring on Ed Pasquale (not looking so good this time).

Akim Aliu and Burmistrov goofing around.

Aliu and Kilngberg

Laughs all around, toothless smiles for one young gun (Kilngy I think).

Idk who that is shooting on Chris Carrozzi.

Patrice Cormier

Paul Postma

Powder Springs native Vinny Saponari.

Klingy again.

Cormier, pensive?


Burmistrov's got it, others don't.